Costume Design – Arya

Our production of “Game Of Thrones – A Song Of Mice And Fire” was instigated by the amazing Jane Edmondson, our head of wardrobe and one of our key puppet builders. Jane and her husband, Fred Stinson, are huge fans of GoT and (for some reason) they found themselves singing the theme song – as sheep.

Puppeteers – what are ya gonna do?

The theme worked perfectly being sung with “Baa Baa, Baa-Baa-Baa-Baaaa, Baa Baaaa” and one thing led to another and before you could say “Winter Is Coming“, Jane wanted to make her own puppet-sized versions of the costumes featured on the original show and, of course, that meant we then needed to do something with them so here we are.

Arya in Kings Landing

We’ll be posting more screengrabs and behind-the-scenes shots here in the Gallery but today it’s all about Arya, the feisty daughter of the Stark family who knows how to kick ass and stab the shit out of people with her sword “Needle”.

Arya with her Needle

Jane took great care in all the costumes and her attention to detail just simply freaks us out. I mean – she lines the outfits and makes pockets and — it’s crazy! Magnificently crazy.


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