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  • Sorry Dave

    Sorry Dave

    We think we know what happened to Hal.

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  • Costume Design – Arya

    Costume Design – Arya

    Our production of “Game Of Thrones – A Song Of Mice And Fire” was instigated by the amazing Jane Edmondson, our head of wardrobe and one of our key puppet builders. Jane and her husband, Fred Stinson, are huge fans of GoT and (for some reason) they found themselves singing the theme song – as sheep. Puppeteers – what are ya gonna do? The theme worked perfectly being sung with “Baa Baa, Baa-Baa-Baa-Baaaa, Baa Baaaa” and one thing led to […]

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  • Game Of Thrones – A SONG OF MICE AND FIRE

    Game Of Thrones – A SONG OF MICE AND FIRE

    Can’t wait for the next installment of Game Of Thrones? Have no fear – we got you covered. It’s the spectacular HBO sword and sorcery epic like you’ve never seen it before! GAME OF THRONES – A SONG OF MICE AND FIRE We’ve re-cast the entire thing with painfully cute animal puppets and – well – we like it. And we’re going to do more. Of course, George R. R. Martin would be spinning in his grave – except (unlike […]

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  • Ernest Cline – Dance Monkey Dance

    Ernest Cline – Dance Monkey Dance

    Another entry in our Monkey Shines category is Ernest Cline‘s spoken word performance of “Dance Monkey Dance” – which pretty much sums up how we feel about our fellow devolving monkeys. It would just be really depressing except Cline is also the screenwriter of the feature film “Fanboys” and the author of the fantastic SF novel “Ready Player One” – which Spielberg is supposed to be making into a movie and we certainly hope he doesn’t fuck it up because […]

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  • Elvis Costello – Monkey To Man

    Elvis Costello – Monkey To Man

    As part of our Monkey Shines collection, where we showcase the works of others that embellish the devolution of human kind, we shall always hold dear and give special mention to Mr. Elvis Costello and his rendition of “Monkey To Man”. You’re welcome.

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  • Keep Your Pants On!

    Keep Your Pants On!

    Welcome to Monkeys With Car Keys. We’ve been around for a while but we’re only now getting our shit together. Winter might be done – but SOMETHING is coming. Meanwhile – here’s a video of a chimp washing a cat. Have a banana.

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